Electronic Absence Reporting and Administrator Approved Absence (formerly Educational Trips)

Parents/guardians are responsible to report each day their child is absent. If your child will not be in school for the day due to illness, please follow these steps this school year. 

Please Note: This system will also be used for "Administrator Approved Absences" (formerly known as an Educational Trip). All requested Administrator Approved Absences must contain the range of days to be missed and the reason for the request. Administrator Approved Absences are limited to 10 days per school year and will not be approved during testing windows.

Sign into your Skyward Family Access on a desktop or device. 

If you need assistance creating a Skyward Family Access account, please contact your child's school. 

If you have multiple children associated with your account, please be sure to select the child who will be absent and then locate the "Attendance" tile. 

Attendance Tile from Skyward

Click on the "Absence Requests" tab.

Absence Request Tab in Skyward

Click on the + (plus sign)  "Add Absence Request" on the far right to add a new absence request. 

Add Absence Request Image


Complete the requested fields: 

  1. Start Date: 
  2. End Date: 
    Attendance Details
    If the absence is for all day, please skip step #3
  3. If the absence is for an appointment/partial day, uncheck the "All Day" box and enter the start and end times. 

    Attendance All Day Box
  4. Select an attendance reason from the dropdown menu.

    Attendance Reason IMage
  5. Add a brief explanation in the "Comment" box
  6. If applicable, check the "Copy Attendance Request to" box to duplicate the request for your other children enrolled in the District. 
  7. Click "Save" in the upper left hand corner to submit the request. 

  8. When successfully submitted, the submission will appear in the "Year-to-Date Absence Requests." 

Please note: You cannot submit a late absence through Skyward Family Access. If you have not submitted your child's absence on or before the date of the absence, please contact your child's building attendance secretary within three days of the absence to make the report. 

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